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BronzeCraft-OriginalFacility.jpgSince 1944, The Bronze Craft Corporation has produced high quality window hardware and cast engineered products serving a variety of industries. Arthur Atkinson, our founder, planted a vision of quality, service, and durable products that lives on today. Bronze Craft has only one rule that we live by: Take Care of the Customer. Our company is successful because we take the time to solve our customer's manufacturing problems. We offer our customers a single source of supply from design to the completed product.


1985 Bronze Craft acquired Nashua Brass, which also produced sand castings. This acquisition strengthened the established customer base that we still serve today.

1987 Bronze Craft begins importing Securistyle commercial window hinges made in the UK.
1994 Bronze Craft begins importing high security commercial window products from Sobinco in Belgium.
1999 Bronze Craft completed another expansion adding 25 percent more manufacturing capability.
2000 Bronze Craft begins to represent Ultraflex Control Systems, an Italian manufacturer with a wide range of window automation products.
2010 Bronze Craft partners with Kawneer, the commercial window division of Alcoa Aluminum Corporation, for design of automated window control systems on commercial buildings.
2016. Bronze Craft begins its 73rd year!  Our company has changed quite a bit during the last 72 years. For most of those years we were a foundry, first and foremost. Our business has changed and diversification has enabled us to continue our business in a metal casting industry while adding distributor products such as Securistyle Four Bar Hinges, Sobinco Tilt/Turn Hardware, and Ultraflex Control Systems window actuators. We continue to evolve our business model to remain competitive in the commercial window hardware market. 

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