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design_exploded.gifSince 1944, Bronze Craft has assisted our customers with casting design. Our design focus is to reduce costs while increasing performance. Bronze Craft’s designs range from simple modifications of existing components, full historic reproductions, to custom designed hardware. Contact our Engineering Department today to discuss your design project. As always, Bronze Craft provides free quotations for your projects.


Bronze Craft’s Engineering Department is dedicated to the design of window hardware for commercial and architectural grade windows. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our catalog, we can help you determine the correct part from our extensive library of hardware designs. If you are unsure of what the appropriate hardware is for your application, Bronze Craft can assist in determining the right hardware for the job.

de02.jpgIn addition to window hardware design, Bronze Craft provides casting design assistance. Our casting designs are used in diverse markets, including: woodworking tools, musical instruments, electrical components, transportation, and commemorative markers. If you have a hardware project for quotation, send your CAD files to our Engineering Department today.

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