Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Bronze Craft Smart Window Sensor?

            The Bronze Craft Smart Window Sensor is the Next Generation of Window Hardware. The sensor is solar powered and requires no batteries. The Smart Window Sensor is completely wireless and uses the ZigBee protocol to report light, temperature, humidity, & security data to a Building Automation System.


What is the role of the integrated ambient light sensor?

            The ambient light sensor monitors lux levels from dark, less than 1,000 lux, to bright, 50,000+ lux. The light data can be used to control interior lighting based upon the actual sunlight entering the windows resulting in energy savings.


What is the role of the integrated temperature sensor?

            The temperature sensor reports accurate readings of the temperature in the immediate proximity of the windows and takes into account both thermal and solar gain as well as thermal loss due to the windows. As part of a multi sensor network, the temperature data gives the HVAC system or Building Automation System a more complete picture of the temperature across all microclimates to improve occupant comfort.


What is the role of the integrated humidity sensor?

            The humidity readings can be used to monitor window performance over the life cycle of the window. As part of a multi sensor network, the relative humidity readings allow leaky windows to be pinpointed and fixed resulting in energy savings. Monitoring the humidity levels at the windows can aid in the prevention of unsafe mold levels by identifying windows with condensation.


How does the Smart Window Sensor function as a security sensor?

            The Smart Window Sensor provides real time responses to all security events.  Internal magnetic sensors monitor the opening and closing of the windows.  Combined with Bronze Craft Smart Window Hardware, the sensor monitors the locking and unlocking of two independent locking points. In the rare case of low power, the sensor has built-in intelligence that limits the device to a security only mode. This allows power to be conserved by only responding to security events until power is recharged, through the solar cells.


How long will the Smart Window Sensor continuously function?

            The Smart Window Sensor, on a full charge, will function continuously for up to 10 days of operation in zero light conditions. Built-in intelligent power management will monitor light and power levels and broadcast every 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes to maximize the operation based on real time conditions.


Why use a Bronze Craft Smart Window Sensor?

            Creating a multi sensor array with Bronze Craft Smart Window Sensors can reduce energy expenses by improving energy management by allowing a Building Automation System to base its responses on real time building environmental information. This helps prevent sick building syndrome and provides accurate sensor data to adjust HVAC & lighting for improved occupant comfort. The Smart Window Sensor network also monitors the performance and integrity of the windows’ seals to help prevent wasting energy because of a poor performing window.


What else should I know about the Bronze Craft Smart Window Sensor?

            The Smart Window Sensor is packaged in a rugged enclosure for Industrial and Commercial applications and will provide maintenance-free continuous operation. The Smart Window Sensor can be integrated with BACnet and Building Automation and Management Systems through a ZigBee network. The Smart Window Sensor is designed for both New and Retrofit installations and can be remotely managed.

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