Handle (146 001 style)


Part #: 146 001 style
White Bronze, Satin Brushed, 0125

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This handle design allows for a second fastening point on tall windows. When connected to the 134 series top latch with a 133 series connecting bar, this handle will operate both locking points in unison.

Part Numbers marked in RED are stock items. Part Numbers listed in Black are not stocked and must be manufactured.

"A" Dim
Mounting Holes 
"C" Dim
Holes Part Number
2 11/32"
59.5 mm 
9.5 mm 
Straight 146 003
2 11/32"
59.5 mm 
11.1 mm 
C'sunk 146 001
2 5/16"
58.7 mm 

12.7 mm 

Straight 146 002


Works With:

202 series keepers.

960 015 shoulder screw.

133 series connecting bars.

134 series passive latches.

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