Pole Op. Handle with Low Profile

Part #: 164 065 style
White Bronze, Satin Brushed, 0125

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Pole Op. Handle with Low Profile

These handles feature 1 1/2” mounting holes and a range of cam dimensions. Also available in hand operated versions.

"C" Dim Cam

Handing Part Number

"S" Dim
Screw Hole

5/16 7.9 mm Shown 164 065 #10
 5 mm
Opposite 164 066
17/32" 13.5 mm Shown 164 067 #8
4 mm 
Opposite 164 068
25/32" 19.8 mm Shown 164 069 #8
4 mm 
Opposite 164 070


Works With:

282 series strikes for standard project out applications.

202/208/212 series keepers for other applications.

Operated with a 234 series sash pole.

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