Vega 24vDC Window Actuator


Ultraflex Window Control Systems' Vega actuator is the newest generation of electric remote window actuators. The actuator has a 12" (300 mm) stroke length and operates with 56lbs of force at full chain extension. The unit requires a power supply of 24v DC and operates via polarity inversion. Bronze Craft engineering will determine the appropriate power supply for the project. The actuator is suitable for bottom and top hinged windows.

The Vega actuator features symmetric design and a double link, stainless steel chain. Installation is also quicker with the integration of electronic stops. Actuators, mounted on multiple windows, can be linked together via one control switch. The Vega 24vDC Window Actuator is UL/UR recognized and is available in a white, black, or gray finish. For correct product selection, contact Bronze Craft's engineering department today.

Additional details can be found at the UCS website.

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